Baby Christening Checklist



A handy checklist to help you plan for your baby's christening. The list can be viewed below and also downloaded for free from our gallery.

6 - 8 weeks before your Christening

  • Decide on the church/other venue, date/time of Christening.
  • Book an appointment with your priest, vicar or other celebrant.
  • Select the Godparents, Guide Parents or Special Friends and approach the relevant people.
  • Choose and book (if relevant) an appropriate venue for the Christening afters.
  • Book photographers and caterers (if appropriate).

4 - 6 weeks before your Christening

  • List your guests and send invitations with RSVP information.
  • Organise the Christening or Baptism cake.
  • If you have booked caterers finalise the menu (if you are doing your own catering, plan your menu).
  • Start looking for your baby's Christening gown., baptism robe or Christening outfit and also yours and other family members.

Christening day

2 - 4 weeks before your Christening

  • Draw up your final list of guests and confirm final numbers with the caterers (or for yourself if you are organising the food and drinks).
  • Confirm the final arrangements with the vicar, priest or celebrant and others such as photographers, godparents or cake supplier.
  • Decide how you will travel to the venue and who will accompany you and confirm an arrival time at your chosen venue.

1 week before your Christening

  • Finalise your baby's Christening gown, baptism robe or Christening outfit and ensure your baby is comfortable.
  • Finalise your own outfit and other family members outfits.
  • Check you have all the necessary documents and paperwork for the ceremony.
  • Collect the Christening or Baptism cake.
  • Ensure your camera or phone is charged and working correctly so you can take plenty of pictures.
  • Buy and prepare the food and drinks if you are doing the catering yourselves and ensure you have enough plates, cutlery and glasses.
  • If you have hired outside caterers re-confirm numbers, times and any other special requirements.



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By Jane O'Neill