Baby Shower Games and Ideas

Watch Video - Relay Game How Babies are Made

This is a very funny game. You will need some plungers and some toilet rolls. Divide your guests into two teams. One member of the team stands approx 10 metres away from the others and puts the toilet roll between their knees. The other members of the team walk with the plunger between their knees one at a time and try and 'make a baby' by inserting the end of the plunger into the middle of the toilet roll. Once a 'baby is made' team members swap places so the person carrying the plunger now holds the toilet roll. The first team to make 'all their babies' wins.

Watch Video - 5 Fun Baby Shower Games


Baby Shower Games - Dirty Nappy


Game 1 - Guess the Tummy Size of the Mum-to-Be Game 2 - Guess the Baby Pictures
You will need some scissors, ribbon or string. Pass the string or ribbon around the guests and each person has to cut the string or ribbon to the length they think it will wrap around the Mum's waist. After everyone has cut the ribbon the Mum-to-Be measures her own waist with the string or ribbon and cuts this to size. Each of the guests then measure their piece of string or ribbon against the Mum-to-Be and the closest in length is the winner.  Ask each one of your guests to bring a picture of them as a baby to the party. Collect the pictures from your guests on arrival and pin them to a corkboard and write a letter next to each one. Give your guests some paper with the number already written out and ask them to write down the name of the guest for the baby picture next to each letter. The guest who gets the most correct matches is the winner.
 Game 3 - Safety Pins in a Jar  Game 4 - Price is Right
Fill up a jar with safety pins and have your guests guess the number of safety pins in the jar. The closest guess is the winner. As an alternative instead of safety pins you can always use cotton balls. Purchase some baby items and set them on a tray. The more items you purchase, the harder the game will be. Ask everyone to write down the price of each individual item and then get them to add up the total price. Whoever is closest to the correct total wins.
 Game 5 - Wet Nappy  Game 6 - Famous Mothers
Divide your guests into groups of approx 3 or 4 people. Give each group a newborn nappy, a measuring cup filled with water. Each group has to guess how much water they think the nappy will hold without leaking out. The group needs to write down their guess before they start and the group closest to their guess is the winner. Pin the name of a famous mother onto the back of each of your guests (also make sure one of the names is the Mum-to-Be). Each guest then mingles amoungst one another and asks questions to try and find out who they are. Questions can be anything such as 'am I a model, singer, sports star etc. The guest who is the first to correctly say who they are wins.
 Game 7 - Baby Food Surprise Game 8 - Bobbing for Cotton Balls
Have as many jars as baby food as required - 5 is usually about right. Wrap a piece of paper around each jar so the label is fully covered and write a number on each jar. Make sure you make a master list and write down the name of the baby food which coincides with each numbered jar. Guests then write down what baby food they think is in each jar and the one with the most correct guesses wins! You will need a jar of cotton balls, some vaseline, a timer and a platter of some kind. Put the cotton balls on the platter and ask guests to come up to the table one at a time. Each guest dabs some vaseline on the tip of their nose and then puts their hands behind their back. Set the timer to one minute and the guest has to see how many cotton balls they can pick up with their nose. They can only pick one up at a time and have to shake or blow off the cotton ball so they can carry on getting more. The one who picks up the most cotton balls wins.
 Game 9 - Bobbing for Nipples Game 10 - Hot Dummy
This game is exactly like bobbing for apples except you substitute the apples for nipples! Put the nipples in a baby bath tub and get the guests to 'bob' for them. You can use a timer and the guest who gets the most nipples in the allocated timeframe is the winner.  Based on the game 'hot potato' you will need to divide your guests into groups and get each group to form a line. Each guests receives chopsticks and the object of the game is to be the first team to pass the dummy to the end of the line and back again using only the chopsticks.
 Game 11 - Put the Nappy on the Balloon  Game 12 - How Well Do You Know the Mum-to-Be
Each guest will need a balloon, safety pin and old fashioned cloth or blanket. Each guest races to be the first person to put the nappy on the balloon without popping it. If the balloon pops then you are out. The winner is the first guest to put the nappy on the balloon using the safety pin without the balloon bursting. For this you will need a pre-printed list of 15 attributes such as eyes, smile, intelligence, humour etc and the names of the parents-to-be at the top of the list. Allocate a mark against the attribute you think the Mum-to-Be would prefer her new baby to have i.e. smile from Mum, eyes from Dad. Once everyone has allocated their attributes the Mum-to-Be informs the party of her preferences and the guest who matches the most correct attributes wins!
Game 13 - Who's your Famous Mum?  Game 14 - Dirty Nappy
Compile a list of 20 famous Mums. Write their names down the left hand side of a piece of paper and the names of their son/daughter down the right hand side. Be sure to scramble up the names on the right hand side so they are not opposite the correct Mum. Try to match the son/daughter to the famous Mum for example Madonna - Rocco, Angelina Jolie - Maddox. The guest with the most correct matches is the winner! The best way to explain this game is to watch the 5 Fun Baby Shower Games video above. The game is the second one described on the video so fast forward to approx 45 seconds if you only watch how this game is played. 


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