Getting Ready for The Baby Gift Onslaught!

Mum and new babyHOW TO BE PREPARED

Everyone loves a baby! Having a baby is such an exciting time for everyone, and as a new mother you often end up with a load of goodwill in the form of presents, flowers, baby clothes and homecooked meals. It seems like the whole world wants to show their joy!

This is great, but then comes the problem- how to thank all these generous people?

Baby photo thank you cards are a fantastic way of introducing your new baby girl or baby boy to friends and family or simply to say thanks for the presents and flowers. Having a photo on the card creates a beautiful keepsake for the receiver and is a lovely gesture as people can pop these into their photo albums and you can put the baby card into your baby's treasure chest for later. It also is the best way to involve even the most distant relative in the joy of a new little person arriving into the world. 


In order to prepare yourself for the gift onslaught and to stay as organised as possible, it is best to create yourself "a little thank you box" before the birth. Gather up all your addresses and contacts and make sure you have them all in one place so you don't have to go searching. In your thank you box you will need:

  • A good pen
  • A box of stamps
  • A list of all your contacts, including name, address, postcode, space to note down gift received and extra pages for those unexpected surprise baby gifts
  • Any glitter or stickers you are planning on using

This may seem a simple thing, but in the post-natal haze of having a new baby in the house, you will be so grateful to have all these things on hand, in the one place, especially the stamps!

As the presents come in, note down the gift they gave you on your list. Then, it's the fun task of choosing your card, uploading your photo, writing your personal message and creating your cards online. When your baby cards arrive, you simply sign, lick and stamp!

Keeping it simple is the key to making sure that everyone gets a peek at the new baby and you have as much time as possible to rest up and enjoy time with your new addition.

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